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I am a qualified and experienced psychotherapist.

I am an experienced practitioner and  was also a trainer (being a qualified secondary teacher)  of the post graduate course I completed myself. So,  I am well placed to provide professional supervision and mentoring to new or newly qualifying therapists who wish to work psychodynamically. Contact me to discuss this option.

Who I am, what I do

I am a Psychotherapist and Trauma Counsellor with over 26 years experience working with both adults and adolescents. My approach is eclectic, drawing from many theoretical perspectives and dependent on the needs of my patient.

I am highly experienced and have worked with patients of all ages, life-stages and many nationalities. I have a lively intellect; I am well travelled, have lived in three countries and enjoyed a rich and varied life. 

In my work as a therapist I help to restructure and heal those aspects of a person’s self that have been damaged, arrested or traumatised so that they can experience, sometimes for the first time, feelings of joy and optimism. 

The therapy I offer takes the form of an extended ‘conversation’ with my patient, in which I engage with him/her as a whole person – not just with ‘the problem’. 

I believe that depression, anxiety and anger are symptoms, not illnesses. My work in helping people address the causes of depression and anxiety has led me to understand that they are different conditions, and neither are they the same for all sufferers. 

I believe that when people behave in harmful and problematic ways towards themselves, and sometimes others, they do so as ways of coping with inner difficulties. 

It is these inner issues that I aim to transform in the therapy I offer. 

You can read more about the discipline in which I trained here

I am a pragmatic therapist and adapt my practice to the needs of each patient.


I started seeing patients by telehealth, using a strong privacy protected web service, in March 2020, because of COVID.  I have since continued to see patients from other states after moving to South Australia. I continue to see patients from all over Australia, from North and South America and SE Asia via telehealth.

I have found that many patients actually prefer it. It is private, intimate, effective and very convenient, requiring no travel and more easily rescheduled than face to face meetings.  All my work is now on line.


I have qualifications and accreditations that are recognised across Australia and internationally.

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